Monday, October 26, 2009

Narrative for winter reading sheet

One day, 17,000 years ago, an ancient god named Azareth, who was the King, was sitting in his chair when he suddenly remembered that he had to finish off writing up his parchment. He went to get it off the table where he'd left it. He found the crumpled up bit of yellow parchment and sat back down on his chair. He then remembered that he didn't have his quill, or any ink. He quickly ran back to the table, grabbed his quill, but he couldn't find his ink anywhere. He searched and searched, through all of his drawers, and on all of his shelves, but he couldn't find it anywhere.

He went to ask his wife, Peratol, when he saw a dusty piece of parchment, lying on the floor by the door. It had been left there. He read it:

Dear Azareth,

I have taken your ink home, I have ran out and need to finish some work. Hope you don't mind.

Your good friend, Karthalo.

Azareth was furious. His friend Karthalo had been there earlier that day and Azareth knew he should of seen him to the door. Azareth set off to go to Karthalo's house, furious with rage. He needed to hand in his parchment tomorrow. When he got to Karthalo's house, he had used up all of the ink so Azareth went to try and get some more. He tried everywhere you could, but nowhere had any ink left.

He thought he'd try his friend Taritho's house to see if anyone in his family had any ink he could borrow. When he got there, he was well greeted, Taritho's family very much liked Azareth. He borrowed some ink, then went home, glad that he could finally finish off writing one his parchment.

When he opened the front door he was surprised to find his wife, Peratol, sitting on the floor in the corner of the room, crying. He went and asked her what was wrong and then she pointed to his desk and chair. He went and looked. Peratol had broken his quill. Azareth was beside himself. He was furious with rage. He stormed out of the house like a rhino. In his furore of anger, the air lifted up, and spun round several times. All of the leaves on all of the trees disembarked from the branches and into there whirlwind of a nightmare in this storm of wind. When, after 10 minutes, the air had returned to normal, there was no leaves left on any of the trees. Since then, every Autumn, all the leaves on all of the trees fell off.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goldilocks 1st Person

One day, I was brushing my teeth about to go to school, when I realised I hadn't done my homework. I quickly hurried out, texting my friend Michelle, asking if i could copy her homework, as i went. Michelle said that her address was 67 Hardy Road. I activated my GPS on my phone, and typed in her address. My GPS estimated that it would be a 5 minute drive, 15 minute walk. So I walked, and found the right street.

I was just going to knock on Michelle's house when I smelt something wonderful. I stopped on the spot. Turned around, and walked to the house next door where the smell was coming from. I thought it wouldn't hurt to find out what the extraordinary smell was. I pushed open the door and to my suprise, there was three bowls of porridge sitting on the table, each one a different size. One small, one big, and one just in the middle. It smelt so good that I shouted to see if anybody was home to give me the recipe. Nobody replied so I decided to taste some to see if it was worth getting the recipe for.

I went to the biggest bowl, thinking that it wouldn't make a difference to who ever it was because there was so much there anyway. "Eww!" I exclaimed. "Disgusting!". So I tried the middle sized bowl. "That's better, but still not brilliant." I was starting to wonder if it was worth it. I tried the last, and smallest bowl. "WOW! That's Delicious!" So I ate it all up.

After walking here, my legs were a bit sore so I decided to sit down on the biggest of three chairs. It was way too big so I sat on the second, middle sized chair. It was better but still too big. I sat on the last and smallest chair. It was really comfortable. I sat here until my legs didn't hurt any more then went to stand up and the chair broke!

I was about to leave the house when I felt quite dizzy. I decided to go upstairs and have a look to see if there was any beds because I thought that I could rest so I would feel better, and then when I wake up, maybe get the recipe for the porridge and pay to fix the chair if anyone was home. I pushed the first door on the left when I was up the stairs. Inside were three beds. One small, one big, and one just in the middle. I went on the biggest bed first. It was too hard. Then I went on the middle sized bed. It was way too soft. I tried the last bed and it was perfect! It was so comfortable! After a few minutes I was in a deep, deep sleep, Until...

Crash! I was awoken by the sound of the front door slamming. A high pitched voice came from downstairs. "Somebody's eaten all of my porridge!" The voice sobbed. "And they've broken my chair!" I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I became quite nervous. "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed, and they're still there!" I looked up and saw a baby bear! I screamed, ran past it, ran down the stairs, past two bigger bears, and all the way home. I never went into anyone's house who I didn't know again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goldilocks 3rd Person

One day, Goldilocks woke up surprisingly early and decided to check her letterbox. Inside was just the usual flyers. She pushed around a bit then found a letter underneath. She opened it and read it:

Dear Goldilocks

You are invited to come to our house-warming party on the 12th October. Our new address is
10 Oakwood drive,
Windy Forrest.
The party is starting at 6:30pm.
Hope to see you there.

Matt and Georgina

"Oh," thought Goldilocks, "It's the 11th today." So Goldilocks went out to find the Windy Forrest Shops to get some new clothes for the party. She'd never been into the Windy Forrest Before.

As she was looking for the shops she came accross Oakwood Drive and thought she'd have a look what the houses were like. Seh came accross what she thought was number 10 but it was actually number 11 because there was a long driveway going behind number 3, leading to number 4.

She knocked on number 11 and there was no answer. She shouted "Hello? Is anybody home? Matt? Georgina? Its Goldilocks here!" But there was no answer so she decided to try to open the door. She thought that it would be locked if they were out. It was open so she walked in. She suddenly felt very dizzy so she sat down on one of three chairs. It was way too big! She moved to the next chair, it was slightly better but still too big. She moved to the last chair and it was great. It was really comfortable. She sat there for 10 minutes and then the chair broke. "Oh no!" She said. "I'll have to replace that!". She stood up, feeling better again, but quite hungry. She thought she'd go home to get something to eat when she smelt and extroadinary smell. She was wondering if it had been a good idea to try and find number 10.

Inquisitively, she pushed the door where she thought the smell was coming from open. There was three bowls of porridge sitting on a table. Each bowl bigger than the last. She tried the biggest one first. "Eww that's disgusting!" She exclaimed. So she tried the second bowl. "Better, but still not great" she stated, disheartened. So she went to the third and finial bowl. "Mmm this tastes lovely!" So she ate it all up.

After this, she was feeling really tired so she walked down the hallway, up the stairs, and saw an open door with three beds inside. She lay on the first and biggest bed and it was too hard. Then she tried the second, middle sized bed and it was too soft. She lay on the smallest bed, and it was just right. She fell asleep then was suddenly awoken by the sound of the door slamming. She heard a high pitched voice saying "Oh no! Somebody's eaten all my porridge up and broken my chair!" Then a low grunt replied
"Don't worry son, you go up to bed and we'll sort this all out." None of these voices sounded anything like Matt or Georgina's. Goldilocks was getting worried. A small bear walked into the room then saw Goldilocks. "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed, and they're still there!" He shouted. Goldilocks screamed and then ran out of the house as fast as she could and never returned. She was never going into anybody's house when they're not there again!