Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goldilocks 1st Person

One day, I was brushing my teeth about to go to school, when I realised I hadn't done my homework. I quickly hurried out, texting my friend Michelle, asking if i could copy her homework, as i went. Michelle said that her address was 67 Hardy Road. I activated my GPS on my phone, and typed in her address. My GPS estimated that it would be a 5 minute drive, 15 minute walk. So I walked, and found the right street.

I was just going to knock on Michelle's house when I smelt something wonderful. I stopped on the spot. Turned around, and walked to the house next door where the smell was coming from. I thought it wouldn't hurt to find out what the extraordinary smell was. I pushed open the door and to my suprise, there was three bowls of porridge sitting on the table, each one a different size. One small, one big, and one just in the middle. It smelt so good that I shouted to see if anybody was home to give me the recipe. Nobody replied so I decided to taste some to see if it was worth getting the recipe for.

I went to the biggest bowl, thinking that it wouldn't make a difference to who ever it was because there was so much there anyway. "Eww!" I exclaimed. "Disgusting!". So I tried the middle sized bowl. "That's better, but still not brilliant." I was starting to wonder if it was worth it. I tried the last, and smallest bowl. "WOW! That's Delicious!" So I ate it all up.

After walking here, my legs were a bit sore so I decided to sit down on the biggest of three chairs. It was way too big so I sat on the second, middle sized chair. It was better but still too big. I sat on the last and smallest chair. It was really comfortable. I sat here until my legs didn't hurt any more then went to stand up and the chair broke!

I was about to leave the house when I felt quite dizzy. I decided to go upstairs and have a look to see if there was any beds because I thought that I could rest so I would feel better, and then when I wake up, maybe get the recipe for the porridge and pay to fix the chair if anyone was home. I pushed the first door on the left when I was up the stairs. Inside were three beds. One small, one big, and one just in the middle. I went on the biggest bed first. It was too hard. Then I went on the middle sized bed. It was way too soft. I tried the last bed and it was perfect! It was so comfortable! After a few minutes I was in a deep, deep sleep, Until...

Crash! I was awoken by the sound of the front door slamming. A high pitched voice came from downstairs. "Somebody's eaten all of my porridge!" The voice sobbed. "And they've broken my chair!" I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I became quite nervous. "Somebody's been sleeping in my bed, and they're still there!" I looked up and saw a baby bear! I screamed, ran past it, ran down the stairs, past two bigger bears, and all the way home. I never went into anyone's house who I didn't know again.

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